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Emergency School Closings


As we enter into thewinter months, West Carroll must make plans for possible school closings.  Inclement weather, mechanical failure, oremergency situations may necessitate school closings or an early dismissal ofstudents.

School Messenger, thedistrict’s automated calling system will be used to notify parents or theirdesignated contacts of an emergency closing or early dismissal.  During school registration, parents providedtelephone and emergency contact numbers to each school.  If your phone number has changed or yourcontact situation has changed, please notify the school office to update thisinformation.

In the event of schoolclosings, the district will notify five area television stations.  They are WHBF-TV 4, KWQC-TV 6, WQAD-TV 8,WREX-TV 13, AND KLJB-TV Fox 18.  Theinformation will also be available on three area radio stations: WCCI – 100.3,KCLN – 94.7, and WFPS – FM92.  Theinformation is also available here on the district website,

Pick-up and drop-offtimes could also be delayed on the routes as the road conditions deteriorateforcing a slower speed for the safety of all students.  As you drive, be it country road or highwayplease be aware of the big yellow school bus.

Make sure your children aredressed appropriately for the winter weather. There is always the chance of a furnace going down in a building, a busbecoming stuck, or a bus may stop working. In all kinds of weather take thenecessary precautions to keep yourself, as well as our students – your children,safe.