Community DayCare Survey

The West Carroll School District and the Community of Savanna Need Your Feedback.  We are currently studying the need for daycare in the school district and surrounding communities.  It is possible that the daycare at the current High School would be a "wrap-around" program in which children could attend our early childhood program at the High School and then take advantage of daycare just down the hallway for the other half of the day.  In addition, daycare would be available for birth to age 12.  
Please complete the survey before June 15th so that your feedback can be included!
Edit: I want to clarify the purpose of the survey that was recently posted pertaining to potential daycare at the current High School.
1. For many months, the District has been working with many stakeholders on re-purposing the High School beginning in the 2025-2026 school year.  The goal is to not have another empty school building sitting in deterioration.
2. One of the possibilities discussed at many public meetings has been utilizing part of the High School for DayCare and the District's Early Childhood programs.
3. We have heard from many young parents that here is a severe need for Daycare in our region.
4. The purpose of the survey is to gain some hard data on the actual need for daycare in our school district.  This data will help the Savanna area community and possible private entities as they seek grants to pay for renovation needed for daycare rooms.
5. The District does NOT intend to run a Daycare Center nor does the District intend to continue ownership of the current High School past the start of the 2025-2026 school year.  We do intend, as we have been for many months, working with many stakeholders to come to a workable solution for the re-purposing of the building.
6. As we transition to the Primary School for the 2025-2026 school year, the District needs to decide around November 2024 whether we need to add 2-4 new classrooms at the Primary to accomodate the District's Early Childhood and HeadStart students or renovate 2 or 3 classrooms at the current High School that would be part of a wrap around program that could service District students for both our Early Childhood and Daycare.  If that happens, our Early Childhood programs would be  working out an agreement with the future owner for utilizing Early Childhood  space.
7. Early childhood grant restrictions make renting a church or similar facility for early childhood programs in the modern day not possible.
Finally, I need to reiterate that this question has been discussed openly for many months, and the board will be making a decision on this question in the coming months.  The cost for four new classrooms at the primary is estimated at $1,400,000.  The cost for our part of the early childhood renovation would be between $100,000-$190,000 at the current High School.

Dr David D Gilliland