Field Trip Requests

    The RSchool trip request program has been tested and seems to be working. Works best if you use Firefox browser.

    All field trip requests and car usage requests are now to be made using this program.


    Instructions log on to this address to get the calendar of trips. 


    Bus availability is as follows:


    Up to 3 large buses are available after school. If you need a bus that does not return before school is dismissed and there is already 3 sports trips listed, no bus is available. EXCEPTION: Wednesdays only 2 buses are available after school.


    Only one mini bus, and 18 passenger, is available daily.

    Only one car a 7 passenger is available during school days.

    Day time trips that leave after school starts and get back before school ends are usually OK.


    Then log in to this address     http://transpo-west-carroll.rschooltoday.com/login


    Log in and password is your first initial and last name-all lower case.  If you can not log in, please email me and I will get it corrected.


    Should open up to new request screen. Use the arrows by each box to change info, if none, fill in box. All boxes with red starts must be filled in. Put your common core, goals and objectives in the notes box in the sponsor section.  If the location you are going to is not listed use OTHER and fill in the location in the notes box. The only required times are the leaves time and the return time, all others are optional.  Hit submit request.


    You should receive an email confirming the request, please print this and turn into office with your class lists and cost figures as usual.


    Your building will get this request FIRST, after building approval it comes to the DO for approval. After final approval you will get an email with bus number(s) and driver(s). Make sure all times are correct when you review this.