• After School Pickup Procedure

    The after school pickup procedure only affects students that are picked up by parents after school.  Students who ride 1st bus group to Mt. Carroll, 2nd bus group to Savanna/Thomson, and students who walk home are not affected by this procedure.

    Teachers will supply you with an index card at the beginning of the school year for you to place on your dash board

    The pickup procedure will begin at 3:00 with school personnel radioing the gym for students

    Parents please form two lines and stay in your vehicles

    School personnel will direct students to load in the first four vehicles

    The procedure takes 3-5 minutes to complete (please be patient the first 2 weeks as it might take longer)

    Students will be kept in the gym until 3:10 then moved to the office

    If you do not want to wait in line to pick up your child please arrive between 3:05-3:10