• Hello and welcome to my webpage!  I am very happy to be teaching Biology and Physical Science at West Carroll High School.
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    I originally am from the area after leaving the Northwestern Illinois area for a few years as my husband (another Biologist) and I have been working to gain experience in a number of areas.  To tell you a bit about myself: 
    I graduated from WIU with a B.S. in Biology and completed graduate coursework in Biology with an emphasis on Invertebrates and West Nile Virus in mosquitoes.
     I next worked at Iowa State University Veterinary College in the Veterinary Diagnostics and Production Animal Medicine Department where I was a co-author on a few research articles about my lab's research on Salmonella in Swine.  I conducted research and collected samples of pork and pig parts to test for presence of Salmonella at slaughter.  
    I taught at Ellsworth Community College next where I taught Introductory Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Tissue Culture, and General Biology.
    I went to work at the United States Department of Agriculture as a cell culture technician (cytologist) for the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa and worked for the Agent Biosecurity and Reference Management Section in which I cultured and inventoried cell cultures.
    I then moved to Savanna, and have been happy to live near my family once again!  I have a husband, Shay and three children, Brook, Hayden, and Heather.  I have a small hobby farm where I raise pastured pigs and grass fed Dexter Cattle. I am taking classes at Benedictine University and am enrolled in their Alternative Route to Teacher Licensure program geared towards math and science (STEM) professionals whi have been employed in their field for at least ten years, and are looking to start a second career in teaching within their field of expertise. I am very happy to be teaching science as it is very important to my life and I believe that science should be hands-on with an emphasis in learning by doing and try to implement these ideas into our classroom.