• Welcome to the FACS department!

    My name is Sharon Guilinger and I teach
    Foods I, II, III & IV, Child Development, Parenting, & Coop
       The Foods I-IV courses are each a semester. Foods I covers basic kitchen safety, equipment and kitchen layout with exposure to several measuring and cookery techniques. An extensive baking unit gives the students many hands-on experiences in this class. Foods II explores many different types of foods with several food preparation labs. Foods III covers health, wellness and an in-depth nutrition study. A segment on Regional Cookery is included. Foods IV covers various nutrition topics along with a foreign cookery segment. Child Development is a one semester class that covers children & parenting, pregnancy and childbirth. Parenting is a one semester class that covers baby's first year, toddler years, preschool, children's health and safety, as well as careers working with children. Coop is a senior work program that allows students to work part of their school day. A semester class that covers job search techniques, employee responsibilities and expectations, and career research is required for the Coop program
       I have been teaching Family and Consumer Sciences for 32 years in Savanna. I live in Thomson with my husband, Joe, and our two daughters, Hayley(19) and Hannah(16). I received my 2 year associates degree from Waldorf College in Forest City, IA and my Bachelors degree from Iowa State University in Ames, IA.
    Sharon Guilinger
    815-273-7715, ext 710
    West Carroll High School
    500 Cragmoor Street
    Savanna, IL 61074