Mr. Holley
     Mr. Holley
     Subjects Taught:
    7th Grade World History
    7th-8th Grade Business Concepts
    6th Grade Keyboarding
     Contact Information:
    By Phone: (815) 244-2002 ext. 156
    By E-mail: jholley@wc314.org
     Best Time to Contact Me By Phone:

     8:50-9:15 at ext. 156


    My Education Background: 
    B.A. in Marketing
    M.A. in Educational Leadership & Supervision
  • Clear Eyes. Full Heart. CAN'T LOSE.
    Every day it is my hope that every student is some how better at the end of the day then they were at the beginning of the day.  In order for your son or daughter to accomplish this they need to come to school with CLEAR EYES (The goal to do better), a FULL HEART (Know that their family and teachers are here to help them reach that goal), and by doing this THEY CAN'T LOSE.