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Menus with Nutritional Information

Click on the links below to open each school's menus for the school year. Once you click on link and menu opens, click on the Datepicker selection box to select the month  you are looking for.  Click on Breakfast to view the breakfast menu items or click on Lunch to view the lunch menu items. Click on each menu item listed to view the nutritional information. The "Toggle Calculators" tab inserts a calculator on each day's menu that enables you to calculate nutritionals for the items you will be eating. To remove the calculator from each day, click on the "Toggle Calculators" tab again. Click on the "Export PDF" tab and you will be able to print the menu.

When you click on the menu links and scroll to the bottom of the menu, you will see where you can download "Menus for Schools" for your mobile device. It is available in both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Primary School Nutrition Information

Middle School Nutrition Information

High School Nutrition Information