West Carroll FFA Juniors and Seniors
Fifty West Carroll Junior and Senior FFA Members went on a field trip to the John Deere Harvester Works Plant in East Moline on May 1. The plant is the world's largest combine assembly plant. After touring the combine plant, the students visited the John Deere Pavilion and then enjoyed lunch at the North Park Mall.

State Parli Pro

West Carroll Parliamentary Procedure Team at State

The West Carroll Varsity Parliamentary Procedure team competed at Illinois State University on March 30th. The team's placing was in the top 10 of the State. Chloe Carson was rated red ribbon chairperson. Christy Ralston was rated red ribbon secretary as well as white ribbon floor member. Collin Wilkinson was rated red ribbon floor member. Brianna Kampmeier, Dylan Williams, and Quinn Rumler were rated white ribbons for floor members also. The Parliamentary Procedure CDE consists of a member running a mock meeting and demonstrating motions. After the meeting each person on the team is asked a question based on their required motion. The 1st place team advances to National competition.


Janelle Dykstra
Janelle Dykstra Competes at State Proficiency Award

West Carroll FFA member, Janelle Dykstra, competed on April 6th at University of Illinois in the State Proficiency Awards. Janelle competed in the Poultry Production Enterprise category. She said, "I own and run a successful poultry production business. This year I raised 155 Golden Comet laying hens and sold the eggs to a local store." Janelle's exact placing was not given to our chapter but she did place in the top 5 of the state. In Proficiency Awards you are interviewed about your enterprise's record book. The record book contains all of your receipts, activities performed, purchases, and anything related to your project. Janelle also said that, " participating at the State level was a great experience and an opportunity of a lifetime."


Cassie Johnson
Cassie Johnson Competes at District Creed

On April 3rd, West Carroll FFA member, Cassie Johnson competed in the District #1 FFA Creed Speaking CDE held at Geneseo High School. She placed 3rd of 10 in the contest. Previously, Cassie competed at Section #1 Creed Speaking CDE where she placed 2nd places thus making her eligible to participate in District Competition. The FFA Creed consists of five paragraphs that must be memorized and presented to a panel of judges. After the creed is presented the speaker must answer a series of 6 random questions. The questions are based on different parts of the creed and the speaker's interpretation of the meaning. The top two individuals advance to state competition.


Janelle Dykstra

West Carroll Superintendent Craig Mathers announces that Janelle Marie Dykstra, from Thomson, Illinois, a member of the West Carroll FFA Chapter of the Illinois Association FFA, was selected as District 1 FFA Award Winner in Poultry Production held Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at Geneseo High School. Janelle is the daughter of Mark and Ann Dykstra from Thomson, Illinois. She was selected in competition with 5 FFA members from District 1. District 1 is comprised of 5 agriculture education sections in Northwest Illinois including 65 schools in 15 counties. Winning the District 1 FFA Poultry Production makes Janelle Dykstra eligible to compete in the State FFA Awards Contest at Urbana on April 6, 2013. Steps to this award include Janelle winning the Chapter and Sectional FFA Poultry Production Proficiency Awards. Other agriculture education and FFA honors won by Janelle Dykstra include Greenhand degree, Chapter degree, 1st place welder at Ag Mechanics CDE, State Degree, 6th place at section soil judging, Greenhand Sentinel, Junior Varsity Reporter, and Varsity Secretary. Don Mathey and Dan Hartman are the agriculture educators and FFA advisors at West Carroll. Attention media: Above this message is an article about Janelle Dykstra winning the District #1 Proficiency awards and now being eligible for State Competition in April.             

District Proficiency Awards
West Carroll FFA Members Compete at District I FFA Proficiency Awards
Fourteen West Carroll FFA members competed at the District I FFA Proficiency Awards held March 13, 2013 at Geneseo High School. West Carroll FFA members who participated and their respective SAE's were: Trelawney Baisden, Ag Education; Jacob Ritchie, Ag Mechanics- Design and Fabrication; Clare O'Connor, Ag Sales Entrepreneurship; Karley Metz, Diversified Ag Production with Diversified Crop Entrepreneurship; Ieshia Larson, Diversified Horticulture with Specialty Crop; Chloe Carson, Diversified Livestock Production; Christy Ralston, Equine Science Entrepreneurship; Kylie Beaston, Equine Science Placement; Samantha Boyer, Fruit Production; Kelbi Schneider, Outdoor Recreation; Janelle Dykstra, Poultry Production; Thomas Watson, Safety; Kristen Houzenga, Turf Grass Management; Jared Root, Wildlife Production and Management. Additionally, Chloe Carson also participated in Star Farmer Interviews.
Janelle Dykstra was the lone West Carroll winner at District I Proficiency Awards and will now represent the West Carroll FFA Chapter at State Proficiency Awards held April 6, 2013 at Urbana in her Poultry Production Enterprise.
In order to participate in District Proficiency Awards you must first win your Section Proficiency Awards and have at least one complete record book. At District Proficiency Awards you interview in front of a panel of judges similar to the Section event. 

Special thanks go out to the West Carroll judges: Ron Carson, Stacy Carson, Curtis Breuning, Fred Tipton, Adam Breuning, Jack Nichols, Mark Dykstra, Joe Dykstra, Mark Gengenbach, Don Metz, Andrew Durward, and Corey Turnbaugh.



Section 1 Dairy Evaluation CDE

Mt. Carroll, IL. The Section 1 Dairy Evaluation Career Development Event (CDE) was held on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 at the Carroll County Highway Department. Seventy-one FFA members from ten Section 1 teams competed along with FFA members from Section 2, and 4-H members from around the area.

In this event, the FFA members develop skills needed for dairy cattle selection and herd management. Some of the many skills members will develop from participating include observation, confidence, and communication. In order to judge dairy animals, you must begin with the fundamentals. Learning the parts of the cow and the ideal conformation for each part will provide the necessary comparisons when placing classes.




Jacob Ritchie


Ritchie Receives Tom H Kustes Memorial Scholarship


Savanna – During the special awards segment of theWest Carroll FFA Chapter’s parent & member banquet held March 11, JohnKustes announced that Jacob Ritchie will receivethe $1,000 Tom H. Kustes Memorial Scholarship. The winner was selected from senior applicants who intend to prepare foran agricultural career at a vocational-technical school, junior college,college or university upon high school graduation.


Ritchieintends to attend either Stockton or MTI Welding School in the fall.  Jacob is the son Ruth and Mike Ritchie of of Mt. Carroll. 


In addition to the monetaryaward, Jacob will receive a personal recognition plaque, and his name will be inscribed on a special achievementplaque on display at the school.  Thescholarship was made possible by a 2005 gift to the school district in memoryof Mr. Kustes, who was a lifelong livestock/grain farmer in the Thomson areabefore his death in 2004.  He graduatedin 1936 from York Community High School in Thomson, and held an honorary ChapterFarmer Degree from the Thomson FFA chapter in recognition of his support ofchapter activities.  Tom’s wife, Gladys,was an elementary education teacher for over twenty years in the former Thomsonschool district.  Qualifying senior studentsare encouraged to apply each spring to the West Carroll FFA Chapter advisor forthis scholarship.


2013 Parlimentary Procedure Team
West Carroll FFA Parliamentary Teams Advance to State Contests


The West Carroll FFA Greenhand and Varsity ParliamentaryProcedure Teams each will advance to the State Parliamentary Procedure CDE’s byplacing 1st and 2nd respectively at the District I FFA ParliamentaryProcedure CDE held on March 7 at Blackhawk East College near Kewanee.    


Individually for the West Carroll Varsity team, Chloe Carsonplaced 3rd as chairman while Christy Ralston placed 3rd as secretary.   WestCarroll member, Quinn Rumler placed 5th individually as a floormember.


Individually for the West Carroll Greenhand team, BriannaKampmeier placed 1st as chairman and Cassie Johnson 1stas secretary.  Quinn Rumler placed 1stasa floor member. 


A Parliamentary Procedure Contest consists of memberscompleting a 25 question multiple choice test, doing a 10 minute demonstrationusing parliamentary motions, and answering questions about the motions used inthe demonstration.


Varsity Team Placings                                    GreenhandTeam Placings                 


1 – Amboy                                                      1– West Carroll

2 – West Carroll                                              2 - Williamsfield

3 – Orion                                                         3 – Geneseo

4 – Midland                                                    4- Orion                                             

5 – Geneseo                                                    5– Brimfield

6 – Stockton                                                    6– Putnam County

7 – Williamsfield                                            

8 – Stillman Valley


Top 3 Varsity Chairpersons                            Top 3 Greenhand Chairpersons


1 – Caleb Talbott – Geneseo                           1– Brianna Kampmeier – West Carroll

2 – Andrew Klein – Amboy                           2– Adam Gradert - Geneseo                                                             

3 – Chloe Carson – West Carroll                    3 – Hailey Smith – Williamsfield


Top 3 Varsity Secretaries                                Top 3 Greenhand Secretaries


1 - Cheyenne Stockton – Orion                      1 – Cassie Johnson – West Carroll

2 – Rachel Vaessen – Amboy                         2– Sara Moore – Putnam County

3 – Christy Ralston – West Carroll                 3 – Hannah Noble – Orion


Top 5 Varsity Floor Members                         Top 5 Greenhand Floor Members


1 – Erin McKee – Midland                             1– Quinn Rumler – West Carroll

2 – Morgan Pyles – Midland                          2– Shayna Wortz – Putnam County

3 – Rachel Vaessen – Amboy                         3– Bella Hunt – Williamsfield

4 – Rochele Rosa – Midland                          4– Zac Smith – Williamsfield

 5 – Quinn Rumler – West Carroll                  5 – Rachel Bohannan – Williamsfield

2013 Livestock Judging Team

West Carroll FFA Earns 1st and 4th in Section #1 Judging Contests


The West Carroll FFA Dairy Judging team placed 1stand the Livestock Judging team placed 4th at the Section #1 FFALivestock and Dairy Judging contests held Saturday, March 9, 2013 at the CountyHighway Building in Mt. Carroll.  WestCarroll had a team score of 915 in the Dairy Judging Contest and 1232 in theLivestock Judging Contest.  The livestockjudging contest consisted of 3 rings of beef, 3 rings of sheep, and 3 rings ofswine. 


Top teams and individuals in the livestock contest were


Top Teams                                         Top 10 Individuals


Place    Team               Score               Place    Name                           School             Score

1          Pearl City        1271                1          Rachel Badtke             West Carroll    442

2          Le-Win            1268                2          Hayden Keltner           Pearl City        440

3          Stockton          1265                3          Stephanie Nadig          Stockton          431

4          West Carroll    1232                4          Drew Groezinger        Stockton          425

5          River Ridge     1227                5          Jason Kempel              Le-Win            425

6          Scales Mound  1185                6          Nathan Lott                 Pearl City        424

7          Freeport           1159                7          Brock Keltner              Le-Win            424

8          Du-Pec-Win    1147                8          Emma Wingert            Pearl City        423

9          Dakota               823                9          Kenzie Kaiser              Le-Win            422

                                                            10        Jake Moest                   Le-Win            422


In the afternoon, the West Carroll FFA Dairy judging teamplaced 1st in the Section #1 FFA Dairy Judging Contest.  In this contest participants judged 7 ringsof dairy animals.  Team and individualresults of the dairy judging contest were


Top Teams                                         Top 10 Individuals


Place    Team               Score               Place    Name                           School             Score

1          West Carroll    915                  1          Michael Foley              Scales Mound  321

2          Scales Mound 872                   2          Cassie Johnson            West Carroll     317

3          Le-Win            867                  3          Ellie Lenkaitis              Forreston          314

4          Pearl City        857                  4          Megan Hayunga           Freeport           308

5          Stockton          852                  5          Ryan McLane               River Ridge     307

6          Freeport           849                  6          Brianna Kampmeier    West Carroll     304

7          River Ridge     849                  7          Hunter Binns                Stockton          302

8          Du-Pec-Win    846                  8          Sean Keckler                West Carroll    301

9          Forreston         823                  9          Brett Meador                Le-Win            300

10        Dakota             560                 10        Jordan Ollerich              Le-Win            298

 West Carroll FFA Member Chloe Carson in National FFA T-Shirt Design Finals
Chloe Carson


Chloe Carson from West Carroll High School.

WC Places 5th in National T-shirt competition!


Advisor : Don Mathey
Email : dmathey@wc314.org
: 815-273-7715