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FFA Greenhands    1.          Milk Contest   2.                      Bale Throwing   3.
1. Abbi Law and Shaelynn Williams show off their Greenhands.   2. Elizabeth Rath participates in the milk chugging contest.   3. Bryan Hansen shows his strength in the bale throwing contest.      
National FFA Week at West Carroll

Written by Josi Anderson, JV Reporter

On February 23rd-27th, the FFA JV officer team planned a series of events for National FFA week. Throughout the week there were lots of competitive games played at lunch, FFA members showed their spirit with dress up days, and FFA member’s accomplishments were recognized.

On Monday, February 23rd, the FFA members competed in Stick horse races(winners were Cameron Ehlers and Cassie Johnson) and a minute to win it game(winners were Michael Kinder and Christy Ralston). The FFA members were nowhere to be found because they were all dressed in camouflage.

  Tuesday, February 24, the students played a good ole fashion game of Corn Hole(winners were Brandon Kaufman and Sage Storgahan).  They showed their FFA spirt by wearing the blue and gold colors.

 On Wednesday, February 25, the milk chug contest was held(winners were Jake Dauphin and Leslie Neis), and pork chops were grilled for the FFA members. Some students sat back and enjoyed their pork chops while others took on the daring task of chugging milk as fast as they could. The theme of the day was FFA t-shirt day, and in the morning before school the Greenhands, first year FFA members, were given the opportunity to die their hand green. The members also went outside during their Ag class to show off their strength by throwing a hay bale as far as they could.

Thursday, February 26th, the FFA members represented the farmers by wearing their best “farmer” clothes and driving their tractors to school, if they own one. The FFA members were given the privilege of running the Thunder Way assembly, held during study hall. The Assembly started with Servant leadership presenting Austin Brenner with an award for bringing in bags full of bottle caps for their project to build a bench with recycled plastic lids. Then FFA kicked it into high gear by recognizing all the teams and individuals that participated in compitetions throughout the year. And lastly the assembly was ended with a sack race. The race had 4 students on a team and it was a race between freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The seniors came out with the win. Their reward was a $5 gift certificate to the FFA milk machine and race against 4 faculty members. The faculty member’s team consisted of Mr. Mathey, Mr. Hartman, Mr. Hansen, and Mrs. Handel. The seniors where winning most of the race until Mr. Hansen pulled through in the end, giving the faculty the win. During lunch, the FFA members played another minute to win it game(winners were Logan Lomas and Josi Anderson) and competed in a pedal tractor races(winners were Hunter Lashelle and Elizabeth Rath). The students were also given another test of strength in their Ag class by attempting to get as much corn curls as they could(winners were Ryan Barker and Josi Anderson). Corn curls are bicep curls with buckets full of corn.

On Friday, February 27, the Varsity Officer team got up bright and early to cook the tradition FFA breakfast that the JV Officer team served to students and staff of West Carroll. The members showed their true FFA pride by wearing Official dress. The JV officer team decided to hold a FFA assembly to pie an FFA member in the face (throughout the week, the members were able to vote on who they wanted to get the pie in the face. The second place winner got to pie the first place winner. Their choices were members on the Varsity officer team and Mr. Mathey), and recognized the winners of the competitions held at lunch and during Ag class. For each game there was a female and a male winner and each winner received a $5 gift certificate to the West Carroll FFA milk machine.  Finally, FFA week was ended strong with Mr. Mathey getting pied in the face by Bailey Durward and Brianna Kampmeier.

            National FFA week has always been a great tradition. It’s a whole week of fun experiences for the students and staff and it gives the FFA members a chance to show off their pride for FFA.


Jim Wand
 Left to Right: Salvador Magana, Jim Wand, Justin Johnnson

WCHS Students Get Hypnotized

                On Tuesday February 17th the professional Hypnotist, Jim Wand, came to West Carroll High School. He was invited by the FFA in honor of FFA week which is the 23rd through the 27th. He came Tuesday because he will be on vacation during FFA week. The FFA invited the whole school to come and watch. Jim Wand invited students down from the audience who wanted to participate. He invited a total of 30 students. Some of the participants were Kristen Houzenga, Daniel Hartman, Hallie Mobley, Brianna Kampemeier, Cassie Johnson, Contessa Ehlers, Eric Lashelle, Jacob Dauphin, Salvador Magana, Stephen Santeramo, Jacob Casey, Justin Johnson, and many other West Carroll High School members.  He hypnotized the students for about an hour. It was a very funny show to watch. He had the students do all kinds of funny things like dancing. It was a great show and the West Carroll FFA is very happy Jim Wand was able to make it.


West Carroll High School

 West Carroll High School has a student population of approximately 400 students from the communities of Savanna, Mt. Carroll and Thomson, Illinois. Students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes to facilitate their learning styles and academic goals for the future. AP and Dual Credit classes are part of the diverse curriculum at West Carroll. Currently students have the opportunity to graduate from West Carroll and pick up a maximum of thirty five college credits. In addition the high school offers the opportunity to send students to the AVC center in Elizabeth to sharpen a particular vocational interest. In 2013-14 approximately 50 students took advantage of that opportunity. Pupils have the options of choosing from well over 100 classes in their four years of schooling. Typically 75- 80% of graduates continue their post secondary education either at a junior college or four year university.


In addition to curricular offerings the high school is able to offer students a vast number of extra curricular events. The Thunder quickly developed a reputation for athletic success on the playing field and we hope that continues. Curricular clubs have also had much success with outstanding participation. A State Sweepstake Music trophy has been secured every year of existence for the high school including consecutive state championships the past three years. The West Carroll FFA program is highly esteemed throughout the state and is recognized yearly for its excellence!


We highly encourage all of our students to become involved in the many fun aspects of our West Carroll atmosphere to create lifetime memories.







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